Hi All,

I am a flight simming enthusiast and have been so for over 35 years (Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Mac Classic back in 83).

This post is to Let you know that at age 76 I am trying to return to the FTG. I thought that the airline had closed its doors for good a few years back. I was disappointed with the sudden closing. During the last year I moved my retirement residence from California to Honolulu where I first met my wife and used to work as a School Teacher and flight instructor (I first began to learn to fly with the help of my God Mother in 1948/49) With the closing I found myself without my coveted logbook and Senior Pilot Rank for the second time with FTG.

I was always a proud and loyal member of The FTG and even contributed $500.00 to the rebuilding of the data bases after the first great hack.

My ID was QF001 prior to the closing down of the group---I would like to rejoin The FTG Group and wonder if the old logbooks from the second rendition if the Group---I lost over 3000 hrs. in the first awful Hack/crash and around 2000 in the second closing---I wonder if the hours from the second closing might be preserved someplace sine it was a closing due to management fatigue and not a crash.

Thanks for any information or help in this matter

Dorn Cranert

Former Senior Captain at Flying Tigers Virtual Airlines Group




Beyond the Blackwall
Mar 7, 2010
FTG Pilot ID
If it was an active account the day of closing we have all the data. You will need to re-register at You many sign up with any airline code now (not bound to a handful anymore). 

Click on Join Us at the site. Use the column on the right for v2 pilots and fill in all appropriate data. A manager will review it and grant legacy status if nothing is out of place. You will have to go through the logbook and look for pireps that woyld have been rejected (basically look for duplicate pireps that were filed hours or a few days apart as a quick and dirty way to do it) and submit. Management will review it and grant you the old flights which will appear in your logbook. 

Any question don't hesitate to ask.



I might have screwed this up---I quickly followed your directions thinking it would be automatic---so when nothing happened I did it over and over again with different codes/numbers---I then clicked on your response and realized that I need you guys to review my request to rejoin---I await further response